Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Wooten J. School covered the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Youth Center

Wooten center Founder Myrtle Faye Rumph with students who interviewed her at an impromptu press conference.
It's the end of the semester! What follows is the coverage of the many stories of the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center by our illustrious team of Cub Reporters in the first ever Wooten J. School (where the "J" stands for Journalism!) Instructors Lena Cole Dennis (Ms. Lena) and Isidra Person-Lynn (Ms. Isidra) spent 8 weeks training these naturally inquisitive young ladies about interviewing, the 5 W's and the H, photography, video coverage, anchoring and more.

These are a few of the stories you will read, view or listen to:
  • Interview with the Founder, Myrtle Faye Rumph
  • Interviews with students from the Robotics Class
  • Profile: Lemonade Stand and Sweets and Treats
  • Interview with Mr. Cliff
  • Interview with Ms. Krystelle
  • Brianna interviews "man on the street" style.

Cub Reporters

Marissa Castro








Tyler and Briana Search for News For More of Ms. Lena's Photos Click Here
Scouring the News for Stories to Write About
Staff (Cub reporters)

Cheron is scouring the paper for a good news story.
It's hard to cover news when you don't have a spiffy news van to jump into to get to the scene. So at Wooten J. School, we improvised:  First, we searched for stories from the newspapers  and wrote about them.  Here are the photos snapped by Ms Lena and her iPad. Click Here

Then we reenacted a robbery so we would have something to report about.

Play-Acting the News 
In this classroom exercise, with NO SCRIPT, the students re-enact a crime scene so we could set up a press conference to give the students some experience.

Charity - Robber
Euniyia - The Officer
Ashley: Officer and reporter
Milan: The Eye Witness

Cheron:  Camera 1

Anchors Away:  Practicing to be an Anchor News Reporter on TV

Press Conference/Writing Assignment

Interview with Myrtle Faye Rumph, founder
See Photos here:
By Briana

Myrtle Faye Rumph founded the Al Wooten Heritage Center after losing her son to a drive-by shooting in 1989.  The purpose for the Heritage Center is to give inner city children a better way of life instead of crime.  This was done by changing kids' attitudes, keeping children busy, giving them more attention and more confidence with learning activities, such as reading, going on field trips, science, computer lab, math, make friends and play.

The challenge of serving these 300 youth today is they are in middle and high schools in South Los Angeles. Their bright minds demand that they continually upgrade their programs/services.  Since 1990, Wooten had come a long way since the founder Myrtle Faye Rumph  opened the center which she named for her son Alton “Dunnie” Wooten, Jr.  Ms Rumph was very happy because of what the center has done to remember her son's name.

Ms. Rumph and all the staff here are grateful to every individual that has contributed, donated or participated at the Wooten Center for more than 20 years.  The program was based on goals to counter the gang culture surrounding the youth, among them foster family participation and to identify and meet the family’s social needs.

My Experience at the Wooten Center
By Amya
My experience in the Wooten Center was fun and interesting because I get to learn things like how to do better math, science and other fun thungs.  The Center means a lot to me because I get to  make new friends.  The Wooten Center cares about me and other people.

By Briana
My cousin and I  started on my praise dance this week.  We picked a song by Kierra Sheard (Kiki Sheard) called People (S.O.M.). When we practiced our dance we decided to make up other parts, too. Our praise dance is for our lunch-in (church program) at the Grand’s.

Yesterday, we happily  came up with different parts and we were almost done with the dance.  Miming is a thing at church where a group of boys wear makeup, which is white and they wear white gloves. When we finish the middle part we’ll be done.  We have to practice more and more to get it inside our heads.

Also, we’re going to sing for our youth and young adult choir for church on Sunday.  We have a lot of things going on this week and next week, too. I really appreciate being in the Journalism Class. Thank you very much for introducing this subject so we can be inspired too.

Sincerely, Briana


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012:  Class today is role-playing!  We must create a news story, so we can get the Wooten J. School students experience at coverage and (wo)man on the street interviews. Today we will have a mock news incident, a mock protest, a mock police action, and a mock press conference.  We will have some students actually film it all and then edit it all together.

3:30:  Review Paragraphs written during last session

3:50: Role Play #1: Mock Police action

4:00: Mock Press Conference

4:15 Mock Anchor to go on the air at 4:25


Film Crew


Police Chief


Eye Witness



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We are so excited about the enthusiasm of our cub reporters!  They have been out interviewing everyone.  Today we practice "THE DIFFICULT INTERVIEW."  Lena Cole Dennis and I will demonstrate techniques you can use when you have a subject that gives you one word answers or are totally nervous or unwilling.

Also our 8 year-old Marissa interviewed our executive director Naomi Bradley. We will post that shortly.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Class 2 July 5, 2012, Wooten J School (Thursday)

Class 2: July 5, 2012
Wooten J School

  • Review News clippings
  • Review our story tellers, need for: 
  • The lead
NEXT CLASS: Come Camera Ready for Head shots

3:50 How to interview/How to be interviewed: 
  • Divide into 2 groups with two strong story tellers in each
    Practice interviewing about stories or the 4th of July
    Practice picture taking
  • Lena's Group will be the subjects and will learn poise and presentation what to say, what not to say
  • Isidra's group will be the reporters

4:15  Conduct INTERVIEWS

 This is practice for next Thursday when we interview Wooten students and/ or staff for the newscast and "E" and print newsletters.

Items to bring:
  • Bring current newspaper (Lena)
    Cameras ( charge)

Each crew: 
Writer (takes notes)
(some will have to double)
Discuss tone of story)

  • Journalism 
  • Print
  • Logo
  • Masthead
  • Pictures
  • Stories



Sharpening our Speech:

  • "Ask"
  •  Enunciate!

    • I seen, I had went 
    • Pronounce "Ings" and "th"
    Why should we be concerned?

  • Make up artist
  • Hair
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer 
  • Editor
  • Assignment editor
  • Desk (on camera)
  • Field reporter
  • Producer
  • Printer 
  • Distributor
  • Graphic Designer (logo/Masthead, color scheme, clip art)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Class 1 The Media and You: Jul 3, 2012

Journalism: The Media and You

Instructor Bios

Lena Cole Dennis is fluent in the Non-communication of Teenagers.  The owner of Cole Dennis and Associates, she is an involved community supporter, who sits on various boards, including the Wooten Center and ARC Mid-Cities. She is a Coro Fellow and uses her training in journalism and domestic violence to bolster these organizations. Lena also wrote for several local and national newspapers, once serving as assistant to Brad "Switch Reels" Pye, Jr., award winning sports reporter
Isidra Person-Lynn has taught middle school, high school and college students about the joys of journalism.  A multimedia specialist, she instructs students how to incorporate their English and other course skills into journalism: print, radio,TV and the Internet including new media. Each Sunday she hosts an internet radio program, Sunday Morning-Live. For more information visit www.isidrapersonlynn.com.


Class Schedule

Week 1 INTRO- What is Journalism?
7/3 Writing Assessment.  The in-class assignment will be to write three paragraphs reporting on a recent event   

7/5 Review papers. Practice interviewing skills—sit down interviews to red-carpet.
We need students to portray news reporters and Red Carpet Celebrities
Week 2
7/10Assign students Role in video, newsletter (print) and e-newsletter
7/12 Begin research. Internet treasure hunt -  Explanation of credible resources. 
Week 3
7/17 Coverage, Doing Your Homework Before the Interview
7/19 Mock Press Conference
Week 4
7/24 Edit  |Video Techniques
7/25 Revise Assignments | Photo Safari
Week 5
7/31 Video Techniques
8/2 Learning about photography and other photo resources
Week 6
8/7 Presentation | Meeting Strangers
8/9 Networking  | Getting the Interview
Week 7
8/14  Presentations | Test
8/16 Culmination | Certificates

Student Notes for Cass:
Class blog is: wootenjschool.blogspot.com

Teen Reporter Handbook

To start aBlog, get your parents permission.  They must sign (Age restrictions)
Set it up at www.blogger.com

Isidra's Notes for First Class:

Journalism can be really profitable:
Here is a billionaire who started out as a news reporter. Who is she?

YOUTH REPORTER: ‪Ghana's golden boy‬

Jonathan Tavasti KURME, youth reporter:

Citizen Journalism:

DIY Radio (Do it Yourself)

Jeff's Diary: Halfrican

Emotionally Troubled Teen Show Honesty, Courage


Example of bad one (But was selected to win)



The Pros



http://youtu.be/_0eINGyJHz8   (model)

Really funny:


Lena's Notes:
Chico Norwood, Woman Sports Writer/Editor
Will Skype from Jacksonville, Mississippi

Includes Blogging 300-400 words and Writing Newspaper Articles 600-1000 words


Good Manners Makes Money:
relationship building, family, school and church

Decorating Your Body for School/Work/Play
Develop your style and dress for the occasion
Using the clothing you have

What to Wear When & Why
Appropriate attire can save your life

Taking a Good Picture of yourself
Learning to  appreciate the face God gave you

How to Interview a "Self Absorbed Knucklehead"
Sometimes people don't want to be nice
How to overcome a stuffy situation

Who, What, Why, When & How?
Newspaper Etiquette as life's lessons
Asking questions as a survival technique